Outsourcing IT Services

As an Outsourcing IT Services Company Built on 21 fruitful years of experience, Infosys IPS (T) Ltd is a customer-oriented IT services company providing IT Support services to various institutions in Tanzania ranging from Small and Medium enterprises, Corporates, Government Institutions and Multinationals

Infosys IPS (T) Ltd is headquartered in Dar es Salaam with regional branch offices in Arusha, Mwanza and Service Centers in Dodoma and Mbeya. The company is proud of having skilled, experienced and practicing professionals in the delivery of IT support services and leverage its presence in different parts of the country to successfully deliver timely and value for money IT support Services

There is a genuine challenge among  organizations to shrink IT budgets and simultaneously meet growing business demands. IT budgets are in general decline across most of all sectors and verticals as much as 4% to 20% according to Industry analysts but growth and demand
for technology continue to push IT costs higher. On the other hand, while IT budgets are decreasing, maintenance through Infrastructure is increasing and this is a vice grip!

Outsourcing IT Services offered:

•Technical Support and Maintenance Services
• Warranty Management Services
• IT Consultancy Services
• Network Support Services

At Infosys IPS (T) Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering to our clients with cost effective, tailored IT outsourcing solutions, which complement and enhance their own resources. We don’t sell our IT support services ‘out of the box’, as our approach to assisting our clients with their
challenges is to take a consultative approach from the outset. We will always work with you to understand your challenges; and ultimately our flexible approach can provide
you with a bespoke solution that is both cost effective and right for your business.

The key value proposition for Infosys’ Support Services is to deliver an ‘expected level of output at predictable costs’ with continuous improvements and proactive value additions. As experienced IT Services Company, we can help you to improve service levels and reduce operational costs by a
significant margin.

Through our innovative partnership model and transition methodologies, we allow our clients to maintain as much or as little control over their IT operations and infrastructure as they wish
From developing a fully integrated IT infrastructure to streamlining operations and maintaining seamless support, we have offered a wide range of IT managed services to companies in Tanzania . We have worked with clients across various verticals including Banking, Mining, Telecoms and Government sectors, and have helped them focus on what they do better, reduce operational costs and increase productivity.

We offer from one off, IT project management through to complete IT managed services and IT support services, we can deliver your IT solutions efficiently and cost effectively.

1.Technical support and Maintenance Services

In today’s Information age, where IT has become strategic investment and organizations are leveraging the same in moving business to the next level, a reliable IT infrastructure cannot be over emphasized. On the other hand, proliferation of multitude of hand held computing
devices has increased the demand for greater user mobility across multiple computing devices (PCs, thin clients, smart phones and tablets). These and other challenges like lowering IT costs are continuing to face organizations and smart executives are taking smart decisions by outsourcing
some of the IT services to the specialists.

We have a proven track record in delivering technical and maintenance services in the country. We do not only fix the problems, we identify root causes of the problems, fix them and recommend appropriate remedial actions aimed at empowering users to self service and improving their
Our standard offering includes the following:
(i) Comprehensive annual support on:
• Multivendor hardware break/fix for client devices, departmental servers, departmental storage systems, enterprise servers, enterprise storage, UPSes, printers and network devices (including IP phones).
• The full IMAC-D (installation, move, add, change and disposal) spectrum, including large-scale, fully managed, deployment and upgrade programs.
• Desk side support, including multiple computing devices.
• Helpdesk and Vendor management.

• First priority attention
• Prompt on call and on-site support
• Pick and Replace arrangement
• System health check and preventive maintenance
• TCO review
• Guaranteed availability of spare parts normally kept in our stock

(ii) Part and time support service that covers:
▶ One time break and fix
▶ Scheduled preventive maintenance
NB: Response time is not guaranteed under this arrangement. This option is suitable for clients who need scheduled maintenance or one off remedial services and have non-mission critical systems.

2. Warranty management Services

Infosys as Dell Authorised Service Provider, we offer:
▶ Next Business Day (Parts & Onsite support )
▶ Carry in support services
▶ Free service for product purchased with Next
Business Day Warranty
▶ Free service for product purchased with
International Warranty

3. IT Consultancy services

We have dedicated team with immense experience in IT who can work with your in-house staff when there is a need to obtain external assistance. We provide impartial advice in leveraging IT to automate what machines can do best while empowering employees with the technology
to accomplish what they can do best. From requirement specification to IT infrastructure strategy, we provide a full range of consultancy and support services.

Services offered include:
▶ Systems Health Check and Fine Tuning
▶ Server Consolidation and Virtualization
▶ Storage Management
▶ Asset Management
▶ Backup and Disaster Recovery Management
▶ Internet Security Management

4. Network support services

We offer different levels of support based on your needs and the complexity of your network. With every service level agreement, you receive the benefits of our service automation tools helping to keep your network up and running at optimum efficiency. Achieve maximum up time
and minimum disruption from network performance and network management problems by engaging our experts.